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ATS Digital Designs (digital designs-SVG and PNG) and Aint That Sweet Gifts (ATSG-finished gift items).

I am Sharon. I have been an entrepreneur since 1980 when I started my first home-based business – handcrafted candies for all occasions, as well as personalized gift items. Over forty years later I still have the same passion to create unique and personalized items. When we moved to Colorado, I realized my passion was changing along with the move. It was time to adapt and to add something different. I have always loved being creative, so I got an embroidery machine, a cutting machine and a specialized printer for sublimation. As much as I thoroughly enjoyed making Sweet Swag items, I realized I also enjoyed creating the Sweet Designs for the finished products. Soon people were asking where I got my designs. I felt I wanted to share my new found love. Hence, the addition of ATS Digital Designs, adding the digital designs along with the finished products, Aint That Sweet Gifts. Some

When you purchase from Aint That Sweet, you are helping to support a locally owned, independent business. I may not have a storefront, but I am a vital part of my local community. I love helping and supporting our local businesses and organizations.

Whether you are looking to do it yourself or have someone do it for you, I’m your gal. 

Thank you for visiting our website - and have a sweet day. Please email me at atsdigitaldesigns@gmail.com if you have any questions.

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